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"How To Create Money Out of Thin Air"

Unleash the Unlimited Powers of Your Creative Mind and Attract Wealth Like Steel to a Magnet!

Age-old Wealth Secrets Are Already Making 1000s of Creators Rich! In fact, One Writer Has Used The Power of His Pen to Catapult Himself from Rags to $11 Million a Year! I Know, Because He's the Guy Who Told Me Where To Find These Secrets. Now I'm Making Them Available To YOU!

Dear Friend,

Let me grab you by the throat, for just a minute. No, I don't want to strangle the life out of you. But after you read what I've got to say, you'll be so excited that you won't be thinking about breathing anyway. What you Will be thinking about is the fulfillment of your wildest dreams. Imagine buying that beautiful home for you and your family... Driving around town in your luxury car... Escaping to a remote tropical island... Relaxing in your private mountain villa.

Does ths sound like something you would want?
Or does this sound too good to be true! Believe me when I say, it's not.

I should know. Because I made it happen. And so can you.

Tania Gabrielle French

The Events That Led To The Discovery Of A Lifetime

My name is Tania Gabrielle and I compose classical music. I've had my music performed in the best concert halls by world-class musicians. Grammy-Award winning artists have premiered and recorded my works.

And yet, here I was two years ago asking myself "Is this as good as it gets?" Let me explain.

Poverty-Consciousness Takes Its Toll

I grew up in a family that was highly creative but close to poor. My four siblings and I wore hand-me-downs. I can still remember waking up in the morning and putting on clothes that were too small or too large. Clothes we never would have picked out ourselves. We laugh about it now, but back then it was a different story.

Even as a youngster, it was obvious to me that my Mom and Dad constantly worried about money. Soon the financial stress started to manifest in darker ways.

My dad became seriously depressed and ultimately suffered a nervous breakdown. I still remember how awkward I felt at school during that time. A few years later, when life really got rough, I understood the devastating power that financial problems can have on a person's mind, body and spirit. Our family was torn apart as a result.

Without a doubt, I know what it's like to lack confidence. I know what it's like feel like a failure. I also know what it's like to be frustrated about not achieving my goals. To be in debt and not see the light. I know what life feels like when you’re poverty-conscious. I know, because I've been there.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I'm happily married and have a beautiful daughter. No, she doesn't wear hand-me-downs, and I don't shop at Thrifty for my clothes. Classical commissions are pouring in.

But deep, deep down, I still knew something wasn't right. I wanted to be relieved from the stress of worrying about money once and for all. I craved the Freedom that comes with Living Abundantly. I craved the Opportunity to live up to my Fullest Potential. I craved Wealth and Prosperity.

Seek and Ye Shall Find!

It took a few months. And then... I struck gold. I found the light at the end of the tunnel. My mentor, a Master of creating wealth, gave me a manual to read. He said it had changed his life a few years back when he was struggling too.

Then he emphasized that he still reads this manual from cover to cover at least twice a year. Even though he's a multi-millionaire!

The Most Important 210 Minutes of Your Life!

I eagerly sat down and read the manual from cover to cover. Couldn't put it down. I was totally taken aback at the simple, no-nonsense principles all successful and wealthy people use. My whole attitude towards poverty vs. wealth was changed in minutes.

It was exactly what I was searching for.

Before applying the powerful principles contained in the manual I had a tendency to think that my job was only to create - and then somehow money would find its own way to my bank account. Just like that. Even though it was obvious that this feeble approach was failing me, I stuck to it with a stubbornness born out of ignorance. It was a loser's mentality if there ever was one.

Now I know better. Thanks to this manual, my life has fundamentally changed in a grand way. I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. And so can you.

Has My Financial Picture Changed?
You Bet It Has!

Here's what happened.

   I went from earning a four to very low 5 figure ANNUAL income, to making over $10,000 a MONTH and growing. Doing what I Love to Do - writing and composing!

   We bought our dream house, renovated it and moved to an idyllic small city in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

   The luxury cars I've always dreamed about are parked in our driveway.

   Opportunities and alliances are falling into my lap like leaves on a beautiful autumn's day. Now I can pick and choose the projects I want to work on - knowing that each one represents a new stack of gold.

No more arguing due to money problems. No more agonizing due to nagging debt. No more wasted energy due to stress. Instead I have MORE energy to create. PLENTY of time to spend with my family. AND Serenity, Joy and Peace of Mind.

Here's what else I discovered:

There's A BIG Difference Between Winners and Losers!

Winners pay their bills on time. Losers don't. Winners talk about their ideas. Losers talk about others. Winners honor their word. Losers revert to lies. Winners feel gratitude. Losers feel guilty.

Take a look at Salvador Dali. Or the Beatles. Mark Twain. Matisse. Or Charles M. Schulz - the creator of Charlie Brown. And Monet. They were all Winners. Becoming wealthy allowed these creators to express the full measure of their genius. They tapped into their highest abilities as a direct result of having attracted the means to do so. As Andy Warhol said, "Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."

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Now take someone who's a loser. Is this person really expressing their greatest individuality — their creative potential? No!!

I'm reminded of the sad life of Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was a loser in every part of his life except when he got out in the fields and in front of his canvas. He said about himself that "the only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." He was not a happy camper. Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was alive, just one! No wonder he suffered from severe depression! For most of his life he was very poor, often spending his money on art supplies instead of food.

This brilliant artist had to die before his paintings would sell, because he was getting in the way. Among his last paintings is one of the most expensive in the world. It sold for $82.5 million in 1990. Imagine!

Do you want to be as miserable as Van Gogh? Perhaps you haven't gone as far as cutting off one of your ears like he did - but your dreams might be dying nonetheless.

It's not your death, but the death of all your dreams!

Let me tell you, I know how easy it is to look at highly successful people after they have arrived and envy their good fortune. But aren't you craving to discover the universal laws that propelled these artists to reach such heights of creativity and wealth? Aren't you eager to know how down-to-earth simple the path to prosperity really is?

Imagine a program that takes these universal wealth principles and targets them at your subconscious and conscious mind simultaneously. A simple program you can use anytime, anywhere. Imagine a wealth-generating program that's specifically geared towards creative people such as you. Now - STOP imagining!

Introducing "The Science of Getting Rich for Creators" program

   The vibration coming from your voice on the CD's is worth the price alone. What you have created is a cure for the weak-willed, the poverty conscious or those who were taught all the wrong messages about money from their mothers. A woman's voice is just what we need on this subject. Thanks so much for this program. Anyone who gets this program will be inspired to greatness."

Matt Furey

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These are some of the many benefits you'll receive from The Science of Getting Rich for Creators program:

•   You'll meet your financial and creative goals easily, every time!

   You'll discover the secret to never wasting time again! (And I'm not talking about turining into a workaholic.)

•   You'll learn how to recognize Every Opportunity that comes your way and seize it!

   You'll tap into your Unlimited Inner Resources — this is the true mind-body-spirit connection.

•   You'll dramatically increase your income by being a money magnet instead of a money chaser!

   You'll get that BIG ENERGY BOOST by rising above your perceived limitations.

•   You'll discover the Universal Prosperity Principles that transcend all religious faiths.

   You'll leave your audience uplifted, inspired and begging for more!

•   You'll make MORE money while working LESS!

   You'll get in a position where you can make a Lasting Contribution.

•   You'll inspire yourself and others All day, every day!

   You'll use all your knowledge and gifts cohesively like you're supposed to!

More Proof!

   I just wanted to let you know how much I've gotten out of your "Science of Getting Rich for Creators" program. I've been a student of prosperity for years now and have never seen such an all-encompassing course that seems to have been developed just for me. As an entrepreneur I couldn't have asked for a better step-by-step program to help me attract more wealth into my life. I've already begun to reap the benefits of your course.

   The CDs are incredible. Listening to your voice I was really able to internalize the material, better than other audio programs out there. It's like it went straight into my subconscious so I didn't have to put in any effort to understand. In fact, going through the whole program was effortless and enjoyable. The workbook is truly invaluable for further developing these concepts and getting the most out of the material.

   After having completed your course I can wholeheartedly say that it is a fantastic tool for any entrepreneur or creator wishing to create more wealth and attract more prosperity into their lives.

   Thanks so much."

Eddie Baran
Portland, OR

The Science of Getting Rich for Creators Program Will Change Your Life Too! Here's What You'll Receive:

•  The Science of Getting Rich for Creators Manual. My revised and updated version of Wallace D. Wattles' manual. Though the principles and laws he set down are timeless, I have updated the text to speak to creators of today. The result is an even more compelling read that speaks to Your experience.

•  The Science of Getting Rich for Creators Triple CD Set. Now you can listen to Tania read these incredibly powerful words on prosperity in its entirety on three CDs. Listen in the car, while you're traveling, preparing a meal, working out... and make your fortunes grow.

•  The Science of Getting Rich for Creators Workbook. A three-ring workbook especially created to help you manifest your quest for prosperity and riches. Highly successful people know that writing by hand allows a much deeper penetration into your subconscious mind. Use this workbook in conjunction with the three CDs and Manual to give your life the ultimate Prosperity Boost.

In addition, and only for a limited time, I'll send you a beautiful color poster absolutely FREE. This 8-1/2 by 11 poster features the best prosperity tips directly from the manual The Science of Getting Rich... for Creators. Visual reminders are a big key to success, so you'll want to grab yours Now!

But Wait, there's More! As an added bonus I'm going to send you Tania Gabrielle's 12 Secrets of Wealth absolutely FREE. This Special Report is a compilation of My top 12 Wealth Secrets. It's yours FREE while supplies last.

The Science of Getting Rich... For Creators Program

I was planning on charging $297 for this package — but have decided to let the first 197 people order it for only $157.00. So don't delay. Click the button below. You'll be using these powerful principles for the rest of your life. Or call (828) 254-8132 and phone your order into our secure voicemail system.

With Good Wishes,

Signed, Tania

P.S. Emerson said, "One thing is forever good; That one thing is Success." Don't be a loser. Walk boldly down the road less traveled. Choose to be a WINNER! Order your Science of Getting Rich for Creators program now. The power these principles will unleash in you will leave your friends in awe!


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